Himo Group

All the knowledge in one group.

The cross-cutting understanding of the various fronts where we operate.
The technical expertise of our experience and teams.
A deep perception of what our customers need.


What got us started is what keeps us going.
Our history is also our mission: the desire to do something new.

And it was with that desire to do something new that we began.

Between 2012 and 2013, challenging the adverse context of the economic crisis, two distinct companies emerged:

Habita, Real Estate Intermediation, initially directed to the rental market, with a differentiated posture, created by an engineer specialized in planning and spatial planning, with complementary training in real estate management and evaluation.

Poligono, a company dedicated to the creation of spaces, where architecture has always been seen beyond the conventional. It diversifies businesses and aims for economic sustainability, thus creating the SITIO brand that would consolidate itself, within the Group, as a company of reference in shared spaces management, in working and living segments.

With the growth of the businesses and the consolidation of the two activities already existing in the Group, the portfolio of specialization gains greater coverage with the creation of two more companies, between 2019 and 2020:
Roots, focused on Real Estate Promotion, absorbed the company Poligono and incorporated its teams, ensuring a technically more robust and competitive response, enabling the development of projects, in an integrated manner.

Feitoria, specializes in Real Estate Asset Management.
The year 2021 starts with the creation of CM Quadrado, consolidating the vision of  Integrated Real Estate Service, now also with the construction and maintenance component of spaces.

And thus the Himo Group was created, inspired by the unequivocal respect for the market and the passion to do differently, with a strong belief in specialization, in multidisciplinarity and in complementarity to create larger projects that are mainly fueled by the desire to make the companies grow as well as their staff.

The different operations are in the same space, ensuring a proximity of the teams and always motivating an integrated thought in a joint response.


From the first moment united by the same values on all fronts.

Ethics and respect
It is humanity that defines us. To make a difference in the real estate market, these are the values we demand in our Group and in our daily operations.

It is through proximity and trust that we can make the best deals. Because we know our customers and we make sure they know us too.

Teamwork (Working together)
We are five companies, formed by multiple teams from different disciplines and with different profiles that share a common administrative body.
We believe that our value lies in the richness that sharing this transversal knowledge will, or may come to, be able to provide in every challenge. And above all, in a relationship of proximity and complicity, with our customers. Because with us, work is built as a team.


Elevate. Enhance. Maximize.

That’s why it’s the Himo Group. And it is because we believe that a global vision gives us greater preparation and knowledge, that we provide more than isolated companies, services and knowledge for the benefit of a robust, effective and more competitive response. This way we can share knowledge and human capacity that would be unfeasible working separately.

In a highly complex and demanding market, we know that time and trust are valuable resources for our clients and so we have created this 360º vision, based on the technical training and expertise of our teams, which come up with a thorough response in the different solutions that define the real estate sector: from intermediation, promotion, construction, management and operations.

Because we believe that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.


A global understanding of the market, which allows us to act in a more complete and precise way.

Nothing sets us apart as much as knowledge.

With a structure inspired by multidisciplinary knowledge, nothing defines us better than the preparation and the capacity of our teams to deliver.

Over 90 employees – from engineers, architects, managers, system technicians, evaluators and consultants – are actively in the market, globally or locally, adding to each challenge the consolidated experience with the guarantee of a holistic approach, without the client having the need to search for other partners.

And this is how the Himo Group’s portfolio of companies gives us the size and depth of being a differentiated catalyst in the real estate sector.

Because knowledge encourages and inspires us to go further.


A shared vision across all services.

The HIMO Group is a limited company owned by the several companies that incorporate it.

Our internal organization consists of:

  • Board of Directors (advisory body)
  • General Management
  • Human Resources Department
  • Legal Department
  • Finance Department
  • Marketing Department
  • IT Department
  • Purchasing Department

As a Group, we offer more to each of the companies, we offer more to each client.

Several companies and brands give strength to the Group. Independent of each other, they operate in different areas and in a complementary way.


Real estate promotion and project Management

Asset Management

Shared spaces Management

Construction and Maintenance


Solidarity is part of who we are. Also in this area, we are looking for solutions in which we can add value.

Our attitude, at a personal and corporate level, is based on the principle of solidarity. Having a social responsibility policy involves believing that we have the ability to help others, whether unknown or close, and to concretize it to our scale and size.

At the moment, we support, either through the Group or through our individual companies, housing institutions and others that can also benefit from our activities.

The Just a Change Association is an example of this support, being an institution that fights housing poverty and lack of living conditions.