Faced with opportunities, we move forward,
with determination and availability.

Management and Operation provides dynamism and vision throughout the Group’s activity.

Innovation and vision beyond what is conventional is in our genesis. Here too, in Management and Operation, it’s what makes us unique. The ability to offer new solutions, flexible and adapted to each of our customers, an engine to generate more profitability and security to your investments.

Simplifying the management and operation process, we get closer to our customers. We have become more available and are able to accompany them in their ambitions.

This is our focus: to enhance what the market has, often paving the way, monetizing investment and reinventing current models. That is why our consultancy is an active consultancy, also the result of the know-how of the whole Group.

Sitio is the group’s brand that operates shared spaces, meeting the new dynamics of society, forms and lifestyles. Flexibility, service, comfort and community are key values for an ever-growing, more connected and more active network. We are excited to be part of the changing dynamics of the use of spaces, believing that the future is in shared spaces…

Sitio brings the group closer together to new ideas and trends, keeping it active and awake for change and diversity in spaces.

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Feitoria is the Group’s brand focused on wealth management. We have the structure and knowledge to support the decision, and the procedural ability to free owners from operational management, bureaucracy and relationship with tenants.

Feitoria brings more scope to the Group, ensuring that it is possible to deal, with the same team, a whole project from the beginning to the exploration phase of the investments. It starts well and stays in good hands.

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