Flexibility and the ability to evolve
allow us to create solid foundations.

Promotion and Construction are determinant for an evolution of the real estate market, therefore making part of the performance of the HIMO Group.

A good concept of a real estate project depends on the technical competence and qualification of the team that creates, accompanies and promotes it. Benefiting from the advantages and market knowledge of the Group, here too we can add more value and differentiation in all phases of the process.

This capability allows us to plan in a safer, shared and, above all, flexible way. We do not restrict ourselves to a certain typology, specialization or geography, giving more space to the evolution created in partnership, without impositions of models.

Openness and versatility allow us to be more creative and more innovative, undertaking projects where others still can’t. This is a step we take by integrating new construction technologies into our activity, thus going further.

Roots is the group’s brand focused on real estate promotion.

The multidisciplinary team composed of project managers, architects, analysts and inspectors, has the technical and human capacity to understand, design and lead the materialization of projects. An operation that involves the knowledge of the procedures and management of the
various actors, to create an investment opportunity.

Roots brings to the Group the capacity to develop by transforming ideas into spaces.

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CMquadrado is the group’s brand dedicated to the transformation and maintenance of spaces.

It operates from project monitoring and consulting to post-construction maintenance, focusing on the construction and fit-out of spaces.
CMquadrado gives the Group not only the experience and critical look on the construction market, but also the ability to manage work and shape ideas, allowing to offer a complete and turnkey service, with the ability of managing the entire process internally.

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