We listen to the market and each customer
to find the right solution.

As Advisors of real estate solutions, we see Intermediation as a central area of our activity that gives value to all companies in the HIMO Group.

The reality of real estate intermediation gives us first-hand knowledge of market dynamics, being able to predict macroeconomic transformations, changes in demand patterns, developing projects and new investment channels. This knowledge is fundamental to the management of the Group and paves the way for our companies, partners and customers.

From this knowledge, we are able to have a much more thoughtful and efficient intervention, thus preserving the objectives of our customers and the premises of this service. To make a good deal in real estate intermediation is to enable a happy encounter between two distinct perspectives. This meeting only takes place with a qualified, multidisciplinary and integrated team that gives the right and complete support to the real estate intermediator. The Group safeguards this rigour and technical competence, making our real estate intermediators more than just facilitators.

They are in fact consultants, advising, following and supporting clients in their decisions.
This is how we fully fulfill this service, with maximum transparency and integrity, in a serious and unbreakable commitment.

Habita is the brand of the Group dedicated to real estate intermediation, occupying a core place in our portfolio, for the new opportunities it generates and enhances. Our national network of agencies has determined people looking for these good deals, whether they rent,
buy or invest.

The Habita brand has also a Prime and Investment component, to work more specific markets and products with different requirements.

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